Forex Account Managment

We are always ready to manage your Investments with calculated risk and Good returns, we will follow your account 24/7.

Account Management is a trading account opened in your name with our recommended brokers and traded personally by International Trading Group and partners. We only have a right to make trades via client’s terminal but don’t have any access to the money on the managed account, we can’t withdraw the money or steal it. At any time you can change the trading password, withdraw the money, open or close the trade (initiated by you as well as by us). Besides, you have a full access to this managed account and you can watch the trading process. This service is fully transparent to our clients. Our strategy of trading is fully based on techniques like Trend Following, Break Out and Trend Reversal etc, we define perfect entry levels, a defined stop loss, and a set take profit target. We never use a martingale strategy. We place a stop loss for every single trade, our mission is to protect your trading capital.

In Exchange, International Trading Group will receive 50% commission of all profits made. For example, if you made an initial deposit of $10,000, and International Trading Group turned it into $30,000, 50% of the profits go to him; which means International Trading Group will receive $10,000, you will receive $10,000 and you will still own/have your initial $10,000 deposit.

There will be two types of risks.

High Risk

International Trading Group can turn your $10,000 into $30,000 in one day but that will deem a higher risk of losing all your funds but at the same time making a lot of capital.

Low Risk

It will be impossible to lose all your funds in a day. Low-risk trading will be slow and steady with a little bit of profit earned day by day with a small risk management, and with a potential to make a big profit occasionally.

Lastly, If you are interested and would like to get your account managed; you are required to have an initial investment of $5,000 minimum.
If you would like to proceed then send us an email and we can get started as soon as possible!

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