Discovering Gann Indicators

Have you ever heard of one of the most mysterious and successful traders of all time, William Gann? He is well known for using geometry, astrology, and ancient mathematics to predict the movement of quotations in financial markets. He was raised in a large, impoverished family.
To make a living, he had to work on the farm and sell cigars and newspapers on the trains. Through travelers, he knew about the financial markets and investments and the great possibilities they could offer. Gann began to wonder if it was possible to predict the future. Some time later, he moved to New York and began working in a large brokerage house on Wall Street and studying at the business school at night. The compulsive idea of ​​predicting the future was always in his brain, which led him to begin to study the basic principles of price patterns and the philosophy of accumulation of wealth. He then studied ancient geometry, astrology, and mathematics and as a result he managed to achieve his goal: he became a very successful trader, a true guru who has managed to accumulate more than $ 50 million and open his own brokerage firm. In an attempt to reveal the secret to his success, traders consulted his numerous notes and found some very effective trading tools and techniques. In this article, we’ll talk about the so-called Gann indicators (lines, angles, and fans) that you can find on your trading platform.

Why are Gann’s indicators valuable?

With their help, the trader can predict support and resistance lines.

Uncovering Gann angles and lines

The primary Gann angles are 1×2, 1×1, and 2×1. The 1×2 combination means that the angle moves one unit of price for every 2 units of time. The same logic applies to other angles: the first number corresponds to the price range; the second, the time interval.
Trading in 1×1, the Gann line (refers to the 45 degree angle) means that the market is balanced (the Gann line represents a long-term trend). If price goes through this balance, it means that the dominant trend is about to reverse.

Building the Gann line and Gann’s angle

Select “Insert-Line-Trend Line by Angle” in the toolbar of your trading platform and plot the line to the 45-degree angle from the top or bottom.


For the bullish trend, it looks like this: its 45-degree equilibrium line serves as a support (hint: after plotting the line, you should rotate it until you reach the required angle, 45 ° in your case).


Once you have built your “one-to-one” balance line, you can put the Gann fan.
Choose “Insert – Gann – Gann fan” and plot the fan according to the Gann line you drew earlier. The middle line of the fan should match the Gann line of 45 °.


For the bullish trend, the following appearance appears: the Gannian fan rays determine their support levels. 


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