Oscilattor: Envelopes

The Envelopes technical indicator consists of 2 moving averages, one of which is moved up and down. Envelopes can be used as bands around the price action that means overbought and oversold levels, and can be used as price targets. This indicator is the same as the Bollinger Band, as both show the movements of prices to their extremes.
The period set as the default in MetaTrader is 14, while the deviation (MM shift) is 0.1%. The amount of deviation should be defined depending on the market volatility: the greater the volatility, the larger that should be. For intra-day trading, you can use the H1 chart; the average of 10 periods and the deviation of 0.3-0.5% should be sufficient for any currency pair.
How to interpret:
Buy when the price reaches the lowest margin in the band and sell when the price reaches the upper margin of the band.

GBPUSDH4 envelopes.png

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