Oscilattor: Momentum

The Momentum technical indicator measures the price changes in a given time interval, trying to measure the momentum behind the movements of the price of the underlying currency pair over an interval. 
How to interpret:
There are basically 2 ways to use the Momentum indicator:
– As trend tracking oscillator 
Buy when the Momentum reaches its bottom and turns up. Sell ​​when the Momentum reaches its peak and turns down. A short-term moving average applied to the indicator will help determine its critical points. If the Momentum reaches extremely high or low values, chances are that the current trend will continue; if the Momentum reaches extremely high values ​​and then falls, consider that prices are likely to continue to rise. Enter the market only after prices confirm the signal generated by the indicator: in this case, wait until prices start to fall and then sell. 
– As the main indicator 
Often, the Momentum begins to turn around before the price does. When it diverges in price, it can be considered as a leading indicator pointing to the top potential (when the Momentum falls as prices rise) or bottom (when Momentum rises and prices fall). 
The advantage of the indicator is that it is ahead of the price. 

AUDUSDDaily momentum.png

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