Oscilattor: Williams Percent Range (%R)

The Williams’ Percent Range (% R) technical indicator is a simple yet efficient oscillator of the speed at which the price moves. 
How to interpret:
1. Convergence / divergence. Sell ​​if the new price maximum is above the previous one and the new maximum in the% R chart is lower than the previous one. Similarly, buy if the new minimum price is below the previous one and the minimum in the% R chart is above the previous one.  
2. Conditions of overbought / oversold. If the% R is between 0 and -20, the market is overbought and one should think about selling. If the% R is between -100 and -80, the market is oversold and you should think about buying.
The exit of the oversold / overbought limits can be a return signal. 
Note that it is better to wait for prices to confirm trading and only then to open positions. 


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