Swing Trading

It is a type of trading that combines technical and fundamental analysis to capture the most significant price movements and avoid trading in times of inactivity. It is mostly a medium-term trading style that requires holding open positions for several days. So you must be patient enough to tolerate the length of time the price acts against you. The main objective is to identify medium-term trends and enter the market only when there seems to be almost 100% probability of winning.  

The swing trade presupposes large price movements and therefore requires well-judged management of the size of the position in order to minimize the risks of falling.

Example of a Merchant


It is no easy task to find a truly famous swing trader, but there are many teachers and instructors who prefer this trading style. One of the most famous and respected swing traders is Alan Farley who has made a lot of money using his swing trading strategies. He is the author of The Daily Swing Trade (The Daily Swing Trade), the book that offers different tactics and techniques for swing traders. If you decide that this style suits you best, you may be interested in reading the book.

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